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Skyblock 7.0

JKnetz Owner posted Aug 31, 17


The new Skyblock has been out for about a month now and it seems you guys are all enjoying it! Below you'll find everything that was changed/updated.

- Upgrade hoppers to increase speed by punching them
- Upgrade furnaces to increase fuel and rate by punching them
- New AuctionHouse system /ah
- New Osmium rank, set custom prefixes!
- Upgrade island size using /upgrades
- Upgrade team size using /upgrades
- Upgrade max homes using /upgrades
Upgrade your cobble gen using /gen
- Casino! Try /rps /cf or /jp
- New islands to choose from when starting
- New crate rewards
- View server kits using /kits
- Access the island menu using /menu
- Find out block changes using /co i

Imperial Skyblock Team

KitPvP 2.0

JKnetz Owner posted Jul 27, 17

Hey all,

Our KitPvP servers long awaited update / new map is finally here! Here's what the map looks like from above:

New stuff on KitPvP:
A variety of new and fun kits!
Buy kits with coins
Receive Exp & Coins for every kill
Level up using Exp

An extensive change log can be found by clicking here.