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New Gamemode: Conquer!

JKnetz Owner posted May 8, 17

As many of you have may noticed, Capture the Flag (CTF) has been replaced with a new gamemode called Conquer. It is pretty much the same concept with the only difference being checkpoints instead of flags. You will earn a checkpoint for your team by standing on them for a few seconds. The team with the most points wins!

BETA: It is currently in beta, you'll get access from voting - Each vote gives you 2 hours, please report any bug that may occur during your time on the server.

  • Points system
    • Kill = 2 points.
    • Win = 10 points.
    • Participation = 1 point.
  • A leaderboard has been added, it’ll be based off of the amount of wins the players have, we’ll be giving out vouchers to the top 3 players each month.
  • Several maps
    • Highrise (Highly requested)
    • Mushroom (Highly requested)
    • Western (Very old map, giving it a try)
    • Futuristic (New spacemonkey map)
  • Multiple kits
    • 4 default kits
    • 3 buyable kits
    • 2 premium kits - 1 currently disabled.
  • Minigames rank implementation (VIP, VIP+ and VIP-Prime)
  • Checkpoints
    • Between 3 and 5 checkpoints on each map, hold them all in order to win, or have the most checkpoints at the game end (Promotes teamwork, defence and offence!)
  • Achievement system, gives you a little extra to work for.

Imperial Staff

Happy Holidays!

JKnetz Owner posted Dec 9, 16

Christmas and New Years is right around the corner. Hope everyone is as excited for the winter holidays as we are!

Be sure to look out for updates and revamps these upcoming weeks!

- Imperial Team