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KitPvP 2.0

JKnetz Ownero posted Jul 27, 17

Hey all,

Our KitPvP servers long awaited update / new map is finally here! Here's what the map looks like from above:

New stuff on KitPvP:
A variety of new and fun kits!
Buy kits with coins
Receive Exp & Coins for every kill
Level up using Exp

An extensive change log can be found by clicking here.

Team Deathmatch

JKnetz Ownero posted May 29, 17

  • New lobby and maps
    • Nuketown, dome and the return of everyones favorite - highrise!
  • Colored hats have been replaced with colored nametags. This will also show in tab.
  • Killstreaks!
  • You will now be killed for PVP Logging.
  • Stats and leaderboards, finally!
  • /stats - display your own stats (kills, deaths, k/d, streaks)
  • /stats <player> - display another players stats
  • Leaderboards can be found around spawn and also above [Stats] ^
    • Top Kills board will reset on a monthly basis.
  • Improved hit detection and knockback
  • Mini-Game VIP ranks have been transfereed over to Team Deathmatch
  • Check the server TPS with /tps
  • Hover over names in chat to display useful information such as stats and ping!
  • VIPs can rename weapons using /setname

Summer is here and that means more exciting stuff is yet to come! A lot is going on behind the scenes, getting things prepared. A new post will be made soon with more details about the entire game plan.

Thank you,
Team Imperial