Team Deathmatch

JKnetz Ownero
JKnetz @ Imperial Hub
posted May 29, 17

  • New maps
    • Nuketown, dome and the return of everyones favorite - highrise!
  • Killstreaks!
  • Stats and leaderboards, finally!
  • /ks - display your own stats (kills, deaths, k/d, streaks)
  • /ks <player> - display another players stats
  • /ks top[kills|deaths|ratio] - display top server stats
  • Leaderboards can be found around spawn and also above [Stats] ^
  • Better hit detection
  • VIP ranks from KitPvP and Skywars have transfered over to Team Deathmatch

Summer is here and that means more exciting stuff is yet to come! A lot is going on behind the scenes, getting things prepared. A new post will be made soon with more details about the entire game plan.

Thank you,
Team Imperial

New Gamemode: Conquer!

JKnetz Ownero
JKnetz @ Imperial Hub
posted May 8, 17

As many of you have may noticed, Capture the Flag (CTF) has been replaced with a new gamemode called Conquer. It is pretty much the same concept with the only difference being checkpoints instead of flags. You will earn a checkpoint for your team by standing on them for a few seconds. The team with the most points wins!

BETA: It is currently in beta, you'll get access from voting - Each vote gives you 2 hours, please report any bug that may occur during your time on the server.

  • Points system
    • Kill = 2 points.
    • Win = 10 points.
    • Participation = 1 point.
  • A leaderboard has been added, it’ll be based off of the amount of wins the players have, we’ll be giving out vouchers to the top 3 players each month.
  • Several maps
    • Highrise (Highly requested)
    • Mushroom (Highly requested)
    • Western (Very old map, giving it a try)
    • Futuristic (New spacemonkey map)
  • Multiple kits
    • 4 default kits
    • 3 buyable kits
    • 2 premium kits - 1 currently disabled.
  • Minigames rank implementation (VIP, VIP+ and VIP-Prime)
  • Checkpoints
    • Between 3 and 5 checkpoints on each map, hold them all in order to win, or have the most checkpoints at the game end (Promotes teamwork, defence and offence!)
  • Achievement system, gives you a little extra to work for.

Imperial Staff