Skyblock 7.0

JKnetz Ownero posted Aug 31, 17


The new Skyblock has been out for about a month now and it seems you guys are all enjoying it! Below you'll find everything that was changed/updated.

- Upgrade hoppers to increase speed by punching them
- Upgrade furnaces to increase fuel and rate by punching them
- New AuctionHouse system /ah
- New Osmium rank, set custom prefixes!
- Upgrade island size using /upgrades
- Upgrade team size using /upgrades
- Upgrade max homes using /upgrades
Upgrade your cobble gen using /gen
- Casino! Try /rps /cf or /jp
- New islands to choose from when starting
- New crate rewards
- View server kits using /kits
- Access the island menu using /menu
- Find out block changes using /co i

Imperial Skyblock Team

Imperial Players IRL VII

Salamananders CO-OWNER posted Aug 2, 17

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the entries in our thread, I've got the video right here. Quick heads up, the video's song track features swearing, so if you're not too comfortable with that, feel free to turn it down.